Are You Mad Bro?


No, I’m not mad, not at all, maybe I have become cynical, maybe the faith that I have in humankind isn’t there anymore, that common sense has been replaced by the rule of law, and racism is the new word that cannot be spoken in public because it makes white people uncomfortable.  I’m not mad because as a nation we don’t know how many children, women, and men of foreign lands that we have killed in the name of security, democracy, and maintaining our comfort level.  I’m not mad, how can I be when the deaths of Americans by Americans in six months can exceed the number of American deaths in a decade of war.  Angry, you must be kidding, when the United States prison industrial complex incarcerates more of its citizens than the top fifteen industrialized countries combined; 85% of prisoners in the United States are minorities, heavy African-American and Latino; that investing in a prison is more lucrative than investing in education, head start programs, or battered women shelters, no I’m not mad.  Am I mad that a generation of young men and women are more concerned with social media, TMZ, or a reality show instead of understanding the requirements in becoming a college student or even the requirements needed to graduate high school.  Am I mad that when the people who preach to us from talk shows, the pundits, will forget who Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were when this news cycle ends then like the vultures they are they fly to the next carcass.  Why be surprised at the Verdict?  Are you surprised that we have children starving in America and Congress just cuts food stamps; when a 63 year old woman dies on a curb outside of a prestigious hospital because of no insurance but Congress continuously try to dismantle ObamaCare; when 26 deaths in an elementary school by a psychopath who used a weapon of war that our Congress says that everyday Citizens like the psychopath can and should own weapons that can kill in bunches.  Should I be extremely mad that you forgot the name of the place where those 26 Angels murdered because their deaths couldn’t survive the news cycle?  I’m not even mad that as an educated man who gives extra attention to my appearance that white women still grab their purse and move to the back of the elevator when I enter.  Should I be mad at the reason why white women do that?  I’m not even mad that there was not a black man or woman on the Zimmerman jury, there was a white judge, white prosecutors, white defense attorneys, and a majority white staff running the court to judge a Caucasian man for killing an African-American teenager, No I’m Not Mad?  Actually isn’t this the status quo for the greatest country that this world has ever known, that we shouldn’t get mad we should just be proud to be Americans, be proud to be the 99%, the slaves to the 1%, slaves to the corporations who directs our country to lead uneducated people to believe that as an American we are free, ask Trayvon Martin how free he feels, oh my bad we can’t, but we can ask George Zimmerman how does it feel to be free in the greatest country on this planet.  But its not Zimmerman’s fault that he is free, honestly it’s the prosecution who should be congratulated for a lackluster effort to get the truth out but not to win the case, however Florida is a Conservative Republican state that promote gun rights and is the flagship state for the Stand Your Ground Law; so should we be Mad, I’m not, not at all, because I am a citizen in the greatest Country in the world.  George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and I are or were proud to be Americans; I just wish I could get that constant smell of shit off my shoe.   Really I’m not mad!!!! Really!   I do wonder what will be the religious lesson in houses of worship this Sunday after they pass the collection plate and ask for tithes.  Really I’m not mad bro, I’m not, really!        



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  2. Thank God that there is an ebook that is creative, imaginative, and entertaining as Crimson Lake: The Surge. The enigma of building a nation through ill gotten gain is intriguing and Allyson Wayne does a fantastic job at traversing the subtleties of narcotics, money, government, and corruption. I have read hundreds of ebooks that have no substance that prey on the vices of people giving a distorted picture but in Crimson Lake I found a story that paints a picture of what society should be. Real! With real characters that we all can relate. Keep up the good work by not conforming to the status quo keep writing about reality with a twist loved the ebook can’t wait for the next one. And thank you for a cover that is original not soft porn…

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