The Evolution Of Humankind Or The Lack There of…

Being proven wrong is an elevation of thinking…The steps to EVOLVING…Then why are we not evolving?  Humankind must make mistakes, it’s in our DNA to make mistakes.  In order to move forward, to progress, we must learn to fix the mistakes, to create a better machine and guess what, that machine is going to break down and what are we supposed to do, fix it, to create a better machine.  If this is so then why is the greatest country on the face of this planet stagnant?  We as a nation don’t want to acknowledge the fact that we or flawed, that we are capable of making mistakes, that we are just like everyone else on the planet, human. Our infrastructure is over 40 plus years old, our judicial system is a money making machine enslaving particular groups of people(I thought slavery ended), and politicians make decisions based on making money, instead of the welfare of its citizens.  We can fix this, can’t we?  So what makes America great, our military, the strongest force in the history of humankind, creating a bubble inside of the United States where our citizens want time to stand still or move slowly because this is our pax-Americano and we don’t want to move to fast, to its inevitable end?  So our evolution is ground to a halt because evolving of the mind and soul isn’t cost effective to assist our fellow humans.  If you were walking through a forest and come upon an injured man do you help or walk on by?  Before you answer how many countries that have no monetary value, nothing that we can exploit to our advantage, nothing to make our corporations more powerful, and we as a nation look the other way and walk on by.  It is my contention that in our hearts we want to stop, to assist the injured man but it’s not cost effective.  Do you think Jesus wanted his people to evolve in thinking, consciousness, and in love?  Of course he did?  Then why is Jesus weeping?



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