Building a Nation with the Decadence of an Empire…

Excerpt from Crimson Lake:  The Surge

Written by Allyson Wayne

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3:30PM 18 April 1979

“Nanna’s Estate”

Coral Gables, Florida


The aroma in the house was hypnotic, Major Cabrera did not recognize the entrées, but he could not wait to sample them all. Almost forgetting his manners by entering the dining room before Nanna, he caught himself, “Excuse me,” said the Major.

Nanna and I both smiled.

The tablecloth was exquisite silk linen, reflective sterling silver flatware, dishes from China, and crystal from Germany, the table was picturesque, fine English dining at its best. Chicken, cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, collard greens with pickled pork, French green bean casserole, fried okra, snap beans with potatoes, mustard and dill potato salad, candied yams with marsh mellow and raisins, fried chicken, barbecued pulled pork, brisket, ham, and a smoked turkey. For dessert, red velvet and German chocolate cake, and banana pudding, it looked enticing. I honestly thought the Major’s head was going to explode, he did not know where to start.

“Everything you see is Angel’s favorite American dishes. I am sorry but I will not call you Major do you mind if I call you Emmanuel?

“It would be an honor.”

“What a beautiful name. Are you married? How are your parents? Do you have children,” asked Nanna?

“Nanna the Major is a private person,” said Angel.

“No I am not married but I have a special friend, my parents were killed by rebels, and I have no children, however I do want a daughter that I can spoil to death,” answered Emmanuel.

Angel was surprised while Nanna grabbed Major Cabrera’s hand with warmth and love she said, “Mi Casa Su Casa.”

“Now, let’s eat,” said Nanna.

A bottle and a half of Hennessy later, with half the food gone, extreme laughter emanated from the veranda, Nanna’s scrapbook was a hit. Comical tales of my teen years entertained the trio for hours the only thing that remained was a hearty Cohiba. The staff was clearing the table when Nanna said, “You two give an old lady hugs and kisses so I can call it a night, y’all can converse about men stuff.”

Two hearty hugs and you could hear the sound of her motorized chair leave the room.

“She is truly wonderful Mr. Heavon, I am envious of you,” Emmanuel’s eyes met Angel’s.

“Mr. Heavon was my father, to you I am Angel, and she is my heart now and forever.”

“You know she downed half that bottle.”

“I know when she gave it to me as a child she always said, it will kill the worms.”

We both laughed for a while when I used a more serious tone and asked Emmanuel, “What are your thoughts of our homeland?”

Not knowing whether to give him the party line answer or tell the truth? Emmanuel said, “Cuba is the best kept secret on this planet. We are rich with culture, patriotism, and beautiful people. The government is stifling growth in all areas. Communism is outdated. The way to beat our adversaries is to become flexible, to extend an olive branch, welcome the world into the heart of Cuba, then cut their fucking throats and pull their tongues through the gash. This can only take place with overwhelming finances, investing money worldwide, technically modernizing our country, and building a modern infrastructure.”

For the second time this evening Emmanuel has surprised me, “We are of the same accord,” said Angel.

“My mission is to generate financial capital with the wholesale of Cocaine and Heroin in the largest narcotic market in the world, the United States of America.”

“You and I alone will make this happen?”

“Do you doubt it can be done,” said Angel, with a smirk on his face?

As Emmanuel poured himself another Cognac, “Do I have questions, yes, but is my faith shaken, no!”

“Well said my friend, we start in the morning, you will teach me New Orleans.”


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