Brave Enough to be an Intellectual…

What is the role of a writer in today’s society?  Most publishers, authors, editors and distributors will tell you the role of writers are to sell books and make money.  And many of my colleagues would agree, however aren’t we supposed to be more, especially in these times where the world is turning itself on its head.  Should we as authors use what we have, the pen, a creative imagination and give a voice to what is wrong on our planet that we disagree with the status quo.  If you look at some of the conversations on social media by our colleagues you would think that the depth of their knowledge is still at the shallow end of the pool while we intellectuals swim in the deep waters.  The following authors’ has or have been censored or banned because their imaginations became more:  Ray Bradbury(Equality), Phillip Roth(Religion), Mark Twain(Inappropriate for young readers, Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huck Finn), Maurice Sendak (Inappropriate Language), Phil Pullman(Religion), Harper Lee(Civil Rights Supporter), J.K. Rowling(Satanism, Harry Potter series), Kurt Vonnegut(Government), Justin Richardson(Same-Sex Marriage and the Family), and John Irving(Inappropriate for Youth).  And these are just a handful of authors who used their pens, imagination, and creativity for more.  Look around social media for groups, book clubs, and our colleagues and see if you can find more in their conversations and what they write about.  And if you find less let’s see if you are brave enough to become more and write about it… write about it…      Image




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