Excerpt from Crimson Lake:  The Surge

Authored by Allyson Wayne

Sold as an ebook on Nook, Sony, Net Galley and many other ebook purchasing sites…



Mandeville, Louisiana


“Can I use the bathroom please,” asked the little girl as if she was speaking to her elementary school teacher?

“Not yet honey, as soon as your daddy tells us who supplies him with Cocaine and Heroin, then you can potty,” said Helena.

Maurice Hebert, his wife Susan, 17 year old son, Robert`, and twin daughter Elaine were gagged and hogtied watching Elizabeth, the other twin, in the hands of the beautiful stranger.  The little girl had no idea of what was about to happen, with fear in her voice she said, “I won’t be able to hold it much longer.”

Helena wielded a Colt .22 with sound suppressor, standing behind the child, “When Daddy co-operates, you won’t have to mess on yourself,” smiled Helena.

“Mr. Hebert you know how this is going to end, the question is shall it be quick, painless, or horrific, blink if you are ready to talk to me,” said Helena.

There was no response from the child’s father. Pop! A bullet tore through the tiny foot of Elizabeth she screamed uncontrollably.  Her mother wiggled and kicked trying desperately to say something. She kicked at her husband and looked at him as if he were the devil himself. Pop! Another bullet ripped through her other foot as Elizabeth immediately fainted along with her mother. Pop! Another bullet went through her knee and the child went into convulsions. Mr. Hebert blinked nonstop; Helena motioned to have his restraints removed.

“You know what I want to hear, Sir,” said Helena, “for your family’s sake, a quick death is better than torture.”

Mr. Hebert was contemplating where he had gone wrong. “His name is Francois DuPont from Jamaica!”

“How does he import?”

“By panel van from the Mobile, Alabama docks to my warehouse in Hammond, Louisiana, I supply the Wards in New Orleans along with the inner city in Baton Rouge.”

“How many shipments per month come from Mobile?”

“Two, the 1st and the 15th of the month.”

“Alright, thank you, I will leave your family here but you have to come with us.”

They carried Mr. Hebert through the kitchen, to the garage, and put him in the back seat of his car.  Before the car turned out of the driveway, the remaining Commando neatly fired a .22 round behind the right ear of the mother, son, and two daughters, a painless death.  The bodies were wrapped in plastic and placed in the van; inside the house everything was sanitized, clothes, toiletries, and luggage taken along with all intelligence that could be found.  The front and patio lights left on all other lights turned off. A note for the mail carrier, “Hold mail at your office someone will pick it up in one week.”

Four men, two white, two black, were unloading large boxes from a truck to ‘Hebert’s Plumbing Supplies warehouse’.  Helena and her two cohorts exited the car, leaving one man with Mr. Hebert, they moved in the shadows, stealthy, no sound, ready to surprise their prey. Helena initiated, she gave the signal for ‘Weapons Free.’  The two men outside immediately fell and double tapped, shot again while on the ground to ensure they were dead, double tapping seems inhumane but you will be putting someone out of their misery, if they were alive, as well as safeguarding you don’t get shot in the back.  Helena’s team entered the loading bay and three men fell; the three soldiers cleared and secured the warehouse and store, reloaded the panel van with narcotics, money, and dead bodies.  Helena killed Mr. Hebert, a bullet to the head, and he joined his family.  A car and two vans paid their tolls and headed back to the ‘City of the Seas,’ mission completed.



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