Arrogance Personified…

Excerpt from Crimson Lake:  The Surge

Authored by Allyson Wayne

Sold as an Ebook on Nook, Sony, Net Galley and many other Ebook purchasing sites…

ISBN EBOOK: 9780989248907

ISBN EPDF:     9780989248921



10:30AM 10 December 1979

A Taste of Heaven Restaurant

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana


“The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.”

The Art of War by Sun Tzu


The two men exited the restaurant not noticing the Latino men, one behind, the other across the street.  They followed the mobsters to a peep show on Bourbon Street.  The men sat with mob boss Salvatore Mancuso, Sr., his salt and pepper brill creamed hair, combed to the back, slightly overweight, dressed in a shark- skinned suit.

“How was it,” asked the old mobster?

“Some nigger bitch owns the restaurant she’ll be no problem Pop.”

“Don’t harm the Chef, go back tonight at closing, beat the bitch up, kill a couple of the help, and rob them,” said Sal, Sr.

“We told her two days.”

“That’s why you will go back tonight, take help with you.”

“Sure Pop,” said Sal, Jr.



11:30PM 10 December 1979

A Taste of Heaven Restaurant

French Quarter New Orleans, Louisiana

“Chef, how long are you going to be,” asked Nicole?

“About fifteen minutes Cher.”

Dustin Martine’ is one of the best Creole/Cajun Chefs’ in New Orleans and he has put this restaurant on the map.  Two bus boys cleaned, two servers prepped, and the night manager along with Nicole counted money and receipts.  Two large muscular Italian men forced their way through the front door, three other men kicked in the backdoor rushed inside the kitchen and forced the Chef and preparers towards the bar area where the waiters were.  With gun drawn, Sal, Jr. went to the office and opened the door.



11:00AM 10 December 1979

A & E Agriculture Imports and Exports,

New Orleans, Louisiana


“Hello Nicole, this is Emmanuel I was told you have a problem, explain it to me.  I will be there in an hour.  Where are your bodyguards?”

“I think they followed the men.”

“Excellent! We will take care of it sweetheart!  Just hold tight.”



11:40PM 10 December 1979

A Taste of Heaven Restaurant

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana


The problem with aggressors is arrogance.  They are so confident they lose focus and become reckless.  For instance, if the Italian aggressors were cautious they would have noticed the two

bus boys were over 6 foot tall and well over 200lbs, wearing gloves with shiny brass knuckles.  Maybe they would have recognized the closed blinds and dim lights.

“Hey Chico, where is that bitch boss of yours,” said one of the Thugs?

“No English,” said Emmanuel.

The man walked towards Emmanuel and with his right hand reached for Emmanuel’s right shoulder.

Emmanuel saw the man reach with his right hand and turned to his right using his right forearm pushing the man’s arm across his own body turning him leaving the Italian off balance.  With the ferocity of a male lion with claws extended, with his left hand in a fist he hit the man with all the strength he had under his right eye and bridge of his nose.  The orbital socket was crushed the bone structure of his nasal cavity snapped like a pretzel, blood splattered everywhere.  In minutes, the man would drown in his blood. The other man launched himself toward Emmanuel the second bus boy maneuvered himself behind the man and hit him in the kidneys twice.  Instantly the man pissed on himself and fell to a knee.  Emmanuel punched the second man in the ear splitting it as blood streamed down the man’s cheek.  The second bus boy took out a .32 Colt revolver with a sound suppressor and meticulously shot the man in the liver.

The gunmen with Sal Jr. rushed the Chef to the bar, as they turned down the corridor Maria and Helena started firing, the men fell like Georgia Pines.

“Stop, shooting you might hit me, goddamnit,” yelled the Chef!

Helena motioned to Chef to move to where they were, she kissed him on the cheek saying, “I wouldn’t shoot you Chef, if you got killed who would make crawfish bisque for me as she smiled and winked.”

Sal Jr. opened the door to Nicole’s office.  A Boom rang out that blew the young gangster out of the office, bouncing off the wall, writhing in pain.

“Is he dead,” asked Nicole?

“No, the shells are rock salt, non-lethal but it stings like hell,” said Chauncey.

Bound, gagged, and placed in a van the five gangsters were transported, to the warehouse in Kenner, with Emmanuel, Maria, Nicole, Chauncey, and Helena following close behind.  Cleaners sanitized the restaurant as if nothing had happened.


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