Politics Louisiana Style……

Excerpt from Crimson Lake:  The Surge

Authored by Allyson Wayne

Sold as an Ebook/Epdf on Barnes and Noble Nook, Lybrary.com Sony Ebookstore.com, Bookmasters.com, Atlasbooks.com, Net Galley and many other Ebook purchasing sites…

ISBN EBOOK: 9780989248907

ISBN EPDF:     9780989248921


9:00AM 12 September 1985 

Mayor’s Office City Hall

New Orleans, Louisiana

“I need your help JB.”

“Speak,” answered the Mayor.

“The polls are even I need something to put us over the top, I have an idea.” 


“What would happen if drug violence spilled over into the most affluent neighborhoods in Baton Rouge and New Orleans? 

“With Theo’s platform he would win by 10 points.  To be in this business you have to kiss babies and steal from them at the same time.  It’s not noble the way you win a political campaign but it is noble to change policy benefiting the people as an elected official.”  J.B. rose to his feet walked behind Edwards chair putting his hands on his broad shoulders and began massaging slowly.  “You do what you have to do to be victorious,” J.B.’s hands found their way to Edwards chest. 

“People are gonna get hurt,” said Edward leaning his head back to meet J.B.’s eyes. 

“Small price to pay for progress, Theo’s a damn good man he will do good deeds but he has to get elected first.”  J.B. kissed Edward gently his left hand finding the crouch of the excited Campaign Manager.  “You did miss me,” said an excited J.B.  

“You think I didn’t,” smiled Edward.  “How big is my office?” 


“I’m putting in a day bed for us.” 

“It’s as big as your dick!”

“A king size bed instead of a day bed,” smirked Edward.

J.B.’s lips made it to Theo’s neck, to his shoulders, and to his nipples. 

“Who do I call to create my Greek tragedy,” asked Edward? 

“I will take care of it.” 

“Thank you.” 

“No need I would do anything for you or to you,” the horny Mayor smiled.



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