Making Love…

Excerpt from Crimson Lake:  The Surge

Authored by Allyson Wayne

Sold as an Ebook/Epdf on Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony,,, Net Galley and many other Ebook purchasing sites…


ISBN EBOOK: 9780989248907

ISBN EPDF:     9780989248921




3:00AM 25 December 1979

Angel Heavon’s Penthouse,

New Orleans, Louisiana


The loft was comfortably warm, cedar crackling in both fireplaces, the shadows from the flames dancing around the room.  

Nicole came into view standing at the base of the bed wrapped in her Christmas present, a Siberian Lynx waistcoat with nothing on except her diamonds and stilettos.  She leaned on the bedpost, her nipples peeking from inside the coat trying to find me, with pussy exposed, inviting me.  The ceiling fan turned slowly pushing the warm air around the room slithering caressing her nipples making them erect.  I sat up in bed not taking my eyes from her, my eyes saying it is you and only you!  My manhood sensed its mate was close and began to react looking for her showing himself through the silk Calvin Klein boxers.  She stalked me; her body’s movement hypnotized me, her eyes fixated on me never leaving me, as she made her way around the bed to me.  She lifted her leg letting her knee rest between my thighs.  I buried my head between her breasts attacking like a hungry newborn never wanting to release.  Her moan was sensual, her breath hot and steamy, her wetness slippery, warm, and tasty.


“I love you Angel,” she whispered.

As I went from nipple to nipple, I saw her, her eyes were closed submitting to arousal and to what induced it, me.  I lifted her onto the bed gently swinging her around with me on top; I licked her stomach, biting her hips.  The tip of my tongue circled her clit; she tensed up when I grabbed her clit with my teeth.  Then suddenly my tongue dove into her pussy as deep as I could push it.  She tried to ju

mp up I held her down, I could taste her juices before she locked my head into position saying, “Right there Baby, right there!  I’m cumming Angel, Oh My God!”


When I pulled myself on top of her and pushed myself inside, she felt like warm soothing electricity. 

“Angel, if you ever leave me, I will kill you!”

“Well, I guess I am stuck with you as I guided myself inside of her body.”


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