Why Does God Send Natural Storms…

Why Do God sends Natural Storms?

Why does humankinds divine deities create such violent natural Storms?  To remind the world they still exist; To remind the world of his/her awesome power; To nourish the lands with needed water.  Does our God send Storms to punish the wicked along with the righteous; To show the world that he still controls life and death?  Is it as the scientists say a butterfly flapping his wings in Africa can cause a disturbance in the winds to create a typhoon in the Sea of Japan.  Who really knows why drought, blizzards, tornadoes, or hurricanes frequent our world but we do know that the violence and strength of natural Storms pale in comparison to the Storms that exist in the human heart, the heart your deity created with a spoken word.  So does this mean that the animosity shared between humankind is also Gods will, though he gave man free will, the free will to rain down destruction and cruelty on his brothers and sisters…to let children starve when there is food readily available…to allow man to kill for politics, land, money, and power…is the Storm that rage in the human heart far more destructive than Gods natural Storms…in the course of a year combine the number of deaths created by Storms of nature and combine the deaths that humans cause upon one another…one still can’t count the number of deaths caused by the Afghanistan/Iraqi Wars…should it be that natural Storms are quaint compared to the turbulent Storms that churn inside the human heart…maybe this is God’s plan to show mankind that his natural Storms are to bring us together, to show compassion to our fellow man to extend a helping hand to our brethren…but it’s the manmade Storms of the heart that we covet and nurture, that we receive glory, riches, and power; the vile ignorance and hatred of the human heart that pushes us further apart…I agree with God, this is his true plan to show the world the haves and the have-nots…the haves will inherit their Gods kingdom for their kindness and love of their fellow man/woman…the have-nots are gone from his/her Gods sight abandoned from his/her love and forgiveness because they choose to embrace the Storms of the human heart infected with the sickness of greed, racism, religious intolerance, void of love and spearheaded with hatred for their brothers and sisters…Jesus is still weeping…   


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