It’s Raining Grandma

In my opinion the greatest American that ever graced our beautiful and beloved shores is George Washington.  With dignity, character, and integrity, he carried the burden of a people that was tired hopeless and beaten.  The Patriots didn’t need a king or a savior they needed a MAN, a Man that would stand behind them to support their weaknesses; to stand next to them representing their resilience; and to stand in front of them to protect them.  When life throws fastballs, high and inside, I try not to buckle, show no fear, standing my ground just like General Washington.  He’s my favorite leader, my favorite American.  I judge the men and women of the United States government by the standards set by President Washington, I know it’s not fair, however, in my lifetime I have seen the traits of Washington in Barack Obama and I smile.  Obama’s not a military man, by looking at him I don’t think he has ever had a fist fight but his strength of character, his dignity, his integrity, cannot be matched by the Presidents whom served in my lifetime.  I am proud of President Obama and he is a close second to my favorite American.  But I am hurt, disgusted, and confused.  Last night we elected a person for President that does not have the traits of my top two Americans, to be honest his name should not be mentioned with theirs.  I ask, how did this happen, what did we as Americans do to deserve this narcissistic little person to support, represent, and protect us.  I want to hope for the best, I really really do, but I cannot, I remember my grandmother’s words, “if you play in the garbage heap you will get trash in your eyes!”  I feel like when I hear this person speak or if I see this person on television I feel the need to bathe.  Today the sun is not shining, today is a rainy day Grandma…I hope my umbrella works….


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