Crimson Lake: the Surge

The following is an excerpt from the book, Crimson Lake: The Surge written by Allyson Wayne and Published by Gemini Publication Company.



“Man where that Nigguh at, he’s always on this corner, this is his corner,” asked Jake? 

“He is either here or under the bridge.  We finally got money and this Nigguh’s on vacation,” barked Slim. 

“This shit didn’t used to be like this there was always a dealer when you needed him.”

“Amen,” said Slim.  “Man in Saigon you can by the shit out of stores, restaurants, fuck you could buy it from the supply sergeant, he always had the best opium in country.”

“How good was it Slim?”

“Nigguh please, you got high just looking at the shit in the syringe,” laughed Slim.  “Look here young blood, we were on an ambush one night, and I rigged up under my poncho, after I set my claymores.  Man let me tell you, that was the best high I had during the entire war.  The rain glistened like diamonds, the moons looked like I could reach up and touch them, and when the shooting started I could literally see the bullets flying around like fire flies, man it was fantastic.”

“You mean moon and what happened during the ambush?” 

“Nigguh I mean moons because I saw two of them and who gave a fuck about the ambush I wasn’t gonna let that shit blow my high.”

Both men laughed hysterically. 

“Jake there he is give me your money.”

“Damn pusher man, it’s cold out here where the fuck have you been,” asked Slim.

“That’s my business Nigguh, what do you need?” 

“Alright brother, hit me four times.”

“Where’s your money.”

“I got it black man, I got it.”

The pusher took the money and handed Slim 4 individually wrapped packages of aluminum foil filled with heroin.

“Pusher man is the weight off or something, this shit look kind of small,” asked Slim?

“You want it or not because I know people that do.”

“Shit, do I have a choice?”

Slim and Jake entered the parking garage and found a secluded spot. 

“Hook it up Slim you do it better than I do.”

Slim reached inside of his green army jacket and retrieved a leather pouch, inside were alcohol swabs, a sterling silver syringe with a needle, a silver spoon, a zippo lighter, a rubber tube used as a tourniquet, and cotton balls.  Slim meticulously cleaned the spoon with the alcohol swabs and placed the heroin in the spoon.  He then filled the syringe with ¾’s of water and squeezed it in the spoon.  The zippo was used to heat the spoon, once it was heated sufficiently he removed the needle from the syringe and stirred the solution until it was thoroughly mixed.  He then took the cotton ball and rolled it to the size of an M&M, and placed it in the solution.  Slim placed plunger inside the syringe, which was then stuck inside the cotton ball and all the heroin was sucked out of the spoon. 

“You ready Jake,” asked Slim.


Jake took a rubber tube and wrapped it tightly around his right bicep and the basilica vein popped up like a large worm and ready for injection.  Slim flattened Jake’s arm out to a level position, and placed the needle flush against Jake’s forearm, then he pushed the needle into the vein with the carefulness of a nurse.  While holding the needle steady inside the vein, Slim pulled back on the plunger and watched carefully to see if any blood was drawn into the syringe.  There was blood and he slowly pushed the Heroin into Jake’s vein.  If Slim would have seen no blood in the syringe, then he missed the vein.  He would have pulled the syringe out, and apply pressure with a cotton ball to the puncture mark and try again in a new vein.  Jake removed the tube from around his bicep and sat against the wall and the look of euphoria on his face was heavenly.  Slim repeated the process for himself and dropped his pants to find the femoral vein in his groin area, he sat down and pushed down on the plunger and like Jake the bliss displayed on his face took him to a very special place.  Slim had to shoot in his groin because it would have taken him too long to find a vein in his arms and feet, do to prolonged drug use the veins had collapsed.  The two men sat there for 30 to 45 minutes before Slim said, “We have to get to work.”  Slim helped Jake to his feet and they both stumbled to the service elevator in the garage.  The door read employee’s only they entered, went to their lockers, put on their valet uniforms, and took their posts in front of the fancy hotel. 

         “Welcome to the Hotel Bastille,” said Slim loud and with pride!


Crimson Lake: The Surge is being sold as an Ebook at Netgalley, Nook(Barnes and Noble),, and Sony Reader Store visit the websites and; there will be more excerpts displayed on the sites and blogs.  Enjoy!!!!!!


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